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January 18, 2010


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T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types

What fun! Last year, I attended a Bordeaux class on my birthday, but I cant say we tried anything this good. Regardless, I am a diehard fan of Bordeaux. And I probably dont have the strength of character to restrain myself ... (By the way, the food writing conference is Feb. 13th in NYC at the Roger Smith Hote:, the food blogger I reference is Veronica of Kitchen Musings.

noble pig

Yep, there is nothing like fine wine...nothing. A aged, fine wine is truly a thing of beauty.


What a lovely way to convey your appreciation of the ways the wines differed.I would love to understand the wine thing better, but alas, it seems to escape me. I can distinguish some of the characteristics you talk about, but I dont like it. Ive tried probably 50 wines over time, reds and whites of varying origins and price points, and I cant honestly say I really enjoyed a single one. I drank it because it was in front of me. Ill take a cocktail any day over wine (though really, I shouldnt take either).And youre right - any and every day can be a special occasion. :)


That sounds like such a fun evening. Youre fortunate to have such a connoisseur in your family with an amazing wine collection to boot. Is your uncle looking to adopt any additional nieces? By the way -- I posted a recipe I made with your vanilla beans. Forgot to tell you. Their flavour is amazing!

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