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January 11, 2010


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Fresh Local and Best

The fish tacos looks so refreshing! I like the papaya salsa. It must be wonderful mix of sweet, tangy and spicy flavors!

noble pig

With that salsa, how wonderful they sound. I do love fish tacos.

Joan Nova

So glad to have you on the tour. Your fish tacos sound wonderful and I particularly like that you added a cilantro flavored aioli as well as a salsa.

T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types

A lovely recipe. And, I had to laugh about the experience in the restaurant. I have been amazed at how attentive the staff are when you bring a notebook to the table! Go figure!

Ravenous Couple

we love fish tacos and had a blast when we went to the mexican riviera and tulum area. had plenty of ceviche but dont seem to remember this version...but this sounds great!

Lori Lynn

Both varieties of fish tacos sound muy bien to me!LL


Fresh Local and Best - The balance of flavors really made the dish sing!noble pig - I was surprised how much I liked the salsa with the tacos, because I usually dont like papaya.Joan Nova -- its all about the layering of flavors ;)T.W. - The funny thing is -- when I ate with an actual food critic, he was very careful to hide his notebook.Ravenous Couple -- Maybe it was just the specialty of the resort I stayed in?Lori Lynn -- True that. I would never refuse either one.

The Hired Pen

Another wonderful recipe from the most creative and innovative chef I know!

Bellini Valli

This is so refreshing and with the backdrop of the palm trees and ocean in the background I am ready to hop on a plane.

My Carolina Kitchen

Beautiful with the backdrop of palm trees. I love the story of their thinking you were a food critic. How cool is that. Ill have to try takine a notebook with me.I saw your tacos on Joans Foodalogue blog and had to pop over and say hello.Sam


look and sounds SO delicious! pretty much like the rest of your recipes. :-)definitely is going to be on my menu this weekend...


Bruce -- Thanks! Ill make it for you and Heather the next time you come over. Bellini Valli and Kitchen Butterfly -- Palm trees and Caribbean breezes make everything taste better. Sam -- thanks for stopping by and saying hello!Andrea -- I hope you like it. Youll have to let me know how it turns out for you.


I love the story of their thinking you were a food critic.

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