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January 30, 2010


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What luck that Melissa (heh) was feeling comfortable with you. :) Thats just so awesome.I remember when I was a kid living in New Hampshire, we had this program at my elementary school where they brought animals in to show us. I dont know exactly how that worked or what the program was - I was 6 - but I remember meeting an owl and a boa constrictor... and one time they brought a cow (!) and a few of us in my class, including me, got a chance to try milking it. Very memorable experience indeed, but as you indicated, not as easy as youd expect.Alas, Ive never actually tasted the raw milk. Is it sweeter? More sour?P.S. Way to tease me with the sort of photos of you!

we are never full

we recently saw raw milk for sale near my parents house outside of philadelphia. its was about $7 for a gallon. we wouldve picked it up if we didnt have to drive it back to nyc w/o refrigeration but you have definitely made me want to try it. thanks for this post!

noble pig

Oh you are brave...Id be scared of those udders, LOL!


Melissa -- the milk is definitely sweeter. My guess is that all milk starts that way and loses some as it ages.WANF -- I imagine its cold enough outside, that youd be fine, non?noble pig -- I was scared... but not of the udders ;)

Erin @ Big Girl Eats

This is so cool! It makes me want a really good glass of raw milk, some cookies and a visit to a farm :)

T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types

Wow - Im not sure if I would be so brave, but what an excellent experience. And I can imagine the taste of the raw milk with cookies was fantastic!

Retro Jordans

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