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January 02, 2010


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Which story is it? There is a list of about 12 at the link.


PG - Sorry about that. I´ve updated the link. The story is entitled ¨Recipe for Romance¨

T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types

Isnt dating more complicated than ever? When Im told she doesnt like vegetables, thats a major red flag! Someday Ill learn to cut it off right then!


Congrats on the column! I agree that an interest in food can be a meaningful tie that binds within romantic relationships and families.

Ben Margolis

Hey, Im sure you have SOMETHING you wont eat! But seriously, that was an entertaining read that I can definitely relate to. Food is so important to me. I just got this cookbook that gives a little bit of recipes for all the latin countries. Its pushing me outside of my comfort zone in terms of ingredients (bacon I have never cooked at home since its the last vestige I have of being kosher for the first 10 years of my life, but excited for starfruit and hearts of palm). Do you have a process for shopping for a bunch of recipes at once? Im using a google doc and spreadsheet for 10 recipes.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Food compatibility is almost as important as political compatibility. Almost. Loved the Globe piece. Its so you.


Chris - my weakness is popeyes fried chicken.Peter - nice to see you here. Hope you and the family are well! Dim Sum sometime soon?T.W. - No vegetables? Yikes! Total deal-breaker.Andrea - I agree. Food is all about sharing.Ben - I do the same thing. I go through the recipes and write out the ingredients, creating columns by store (or grocery store aisle). There is software out there that can simplify, but you need to have all your recipes in a database.Lydia - Oh, that´s a tough call which is more important, food compatibility or political. I guess it depends on how divergent the couple is on either issue.

noble pig

Lovely article, how can people not be interested in food!! Happy New Year my friend.


I read the article as well. I also find that food compatibility is important to me - to a point. Steve is being dragged along with me into a whole new world of spices and flavors, whether he likes it or not HA!, but he is still slow to adapt to Asian cuisines. So I go out to eat on my own or with a girlfriend for those things.But as for flat out food issues, I think that may be a dealbreaker. It would be like any other life passion that someone cannot get on board with.Great recipe(s) by the way!

Nate @ House of Annie

Congratulations on being published!The love of food and cooking is part of what brought me and Annie together. And now were doing a food blog together! So fun.Hey, if you cook something out of your garden this month, Id love to have you participate in our Grow Your Own roundup again!


noble pig -- I agree! Food is so wonderful!Melissa - You make good points... and theres definitely room for compromise. You have an interesting situation because when you and Steve met (and got married) you really didnt cook. It sounds like youve navigated well your evolving interest (passion?) in food.Nate -- Ive got lots in the freezer from my garden, so Im sure I can come up with something. My garden is buried under snow right now...

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