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January 20, 2010


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Peter M

This is a fab twist on this pasta favourite!

T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types

Im jealous that you grow your own Brussels sprouts, and this is a fantastic makeover of the traditional pasta dish.

Ravenous Couple

so glad youre able to save the brussel sprouts...its really rare to ever see the entire stalk like that.

noble pig

What a cool recipe with a twist! NIce.


Last Sunday, I went out in the snow, after dark, and harvested a small stalk of Brussels sprouts to serve to old friends from Hoboken. They are adventurous in their food consumption and great culinary creators......but alas, no room for a garden of their own. Those were delicious, but like your own crop, on the small side as I planted them in September. It was worth the wait!


Who could resist this? Even a dedicated Brussels sprouts hater would cave! It sounds incredible!


Man, I would love this. I assume small and frosted and defrosted didnt mean they lost any flavor. You didnt indicate that it did. That seems so funny to me. I know nothing of gardening, but I will be getting a house in about 18 months and Im going to be asking for advice!


Peter M, T.W. and noble pig - Thanks! Though, Im thinking it was quite generous to call it CarbonaraRavenous Couple -- The stalks are showing up more and more in the market, though usually not this late into the season (winter). Pegmal -- your friends are lucky that you could share with them. Reeni - never understood how someone could dislike brussels -- especially the frost bitten which are sweeter.Melissa -- all the could actually improved the flavor -- made them sweeter. And surprisingly, the texture didnt suffer either.

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