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February 24, 2010


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Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Lately Ive been taking Ina Gartens advice about appetizers: cook some, buy some. One of my favorites is still your recipe for Cuban canapes; its easy, but not quick. I like appetizers that can be made ahead, like squares of frittata or marinated olives, and that do not require an army of friends to assemble.


Lets see, for me, quick and easy is, Aglio Olio. I adore spaghetti with garlic and oil for its ease of preparation, but most of all for the comfort it brings to mind. Plus, leftovers, if any, are garnished with lots and lots of Locatelli!!! (I know its strange but I dont use cheese until the second day, why oh why, I dont know:) Thanks for sharing your quick and easy Cucumber with Broiled Eel Green Apple. I LOVE eel and your way of preparing it makes it sound oh so good.I think its wonderful that you take the test you give your students:) So cool, Julia:)


i am so borrowing this idea for my next party. Looks lovely.


I find timing the length of an exam challenging. I should try the 20 minute rule. I often find people referring to dishes as easy and feel a bit pathetic when I screw them up. Quick and easy, for me, means not too many dishes and minimal chopping. I dont dislike chopping, but Im not particularly quick at it.

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