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April 18, 2010


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T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types

I wish I had a constant supply of scallions. It would really come in handy. Your salad sounds great - just the kind of thing I'm looking forward to when the veggies become available.


This sounds like a deliciously unusual salad. YUM

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

In my garden, the first thing up are chives. I'm not as crazy about chives as I am about scallions -- wish I'd planted some.


T.W. - They are a great staple for the pantry!

Kathleen -- it is! And so simple too.

Lydia -- Do you need me to buy you some scallion seeds? I really see no reason to deny yourself.

Citrus Quark

this salad sounds great. I grew in Louisiana where we garnish just about everything with scallions. My mom often substituted them for leeks in recipes, since you don't see leeks often in the groceries in the South. I never cooked with a a real leek until I moved up North. I used to just chopping scallions up and garnishing my gumbo or etouffe, so I'm glad to know about another use for these tasty veggies.


This looks delicious! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be visiting you again!


Citrus Quark -- Aren't leeks part of the Louisiana "trilogy"? So interesting about your experience.

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