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June 02, 2010


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So cool that they were your own and I hope they last.

I need to do something savory with the berries before they go out of season. I've only made desserts and strawberry lemonade so far. Typical!


I've always wanted to plant strawberries but never have. There's so many things to make with the beautiful berries.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Glorious strawberries! I love to combine them with asparagus and spinach in a green salad.


Mint, horseradish and strawberries, dangerous things to plant hear the things you love. they need a little corner of their own. Not so easy in a small plot.

T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types

Wow - looking forward to picking strawberries this weekend - and you've now got me very excited!


Melissa -- nothing wrong with sweet things! If I had enough, I'd probably do something desserty.

Julie -- if only we had unlimited land, eh?

Lydia -- that sounds like a great combo too! I'll have to try that.

jo -- good tip! I'll stay away from horseradish.

T.W. -- How fun! I look forward to reading about what you make.


I having a similar experience with the 6 strawberry plants I started 3 years ago,(6 berries the first year, about 2 quarts last year, this year picking ~a quart a day and still going). The variety wasn't listed on the tag at Mahoney's, it just said day-neutral, but they are similar in size and shape and taste about like the ones you describe.

I've let them grow at will and they're making a decent ground cover. They wandered into the asparagus patch and that's working quite well - the asparagus pokes up so I can see it and the strawberry plants keep down the weeds. But now the darn things are advancing into the lawn...I'm sort of curious to see what will win in the battle of fragaria vs. crabgrass :-)


Karen -- I've heard that strawberry plants have a three year cycle, so maybe I need to give them one more year.


Ok - so I won't take it personally if my strawberries don't do much this year. I vote you keep them.

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