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July 08, 2010


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Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

If that stuff also works on Japanese beetles, let me know. They've eaten every single leaf of basil (in one night!), and I'm unwilling to give them any more nibbles.


Lydia, the spray says it's good for beetles too. Certainly with a try!


Ooo thanks for the 5:00 tip. I've been spraying some things for scale. Next time I'll wait. And of course to your request...just gie me a bit of time to think of a suitably lovely commentary!


I read a lot about diatomaceous earth to attack beetles but couldn't find any that wasn't just an ingredient in a chemical pesticide.

Health Insurance

Well, I think organic pesticide will decrease the this attack.


One of the things that we do to help aphids and other uninvited guests to feast on our crops is plant everything together in nice, convenient, one-stop shopping trips. As a compulsive organizer, I've struggled with spreading the various types of potted plants around other plants so that all my parsley is no longer grouped for ease of eating. The bugs will have to cross the mint or lemongrass or rosemary to get to the next pot of parsley. All while trying to observe companion planting guidelines. It's been confusing but I'm telling myself that it will get easier with time and experience. Oh, and some horticultural spray oil should help, too.

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