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August 31, 2010


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T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types

I don't think I've ever made creamy polenta, but I've grilled it and sauteed it a lot. My favorite is smothered in a mushroom ragout.


I can't even begin to imagine... must have been like a tornado.

And I'll tell ya, I still don't "get" polenta. We tried it twice and just... meh. My friend Krysta felt the same way but then she had it at ad hoc and said it was a revelation. I think I must be missing something. All those Italian people can't be wrong. ;)


T.W. - Smothered in mushrooms sounds delicious too!

Melissa - I think the key to good polenta is to well season the liquid - use some milk for creaminess, some chicken stock for depth, and of course salt. Plenty of cheese at the end helps too :)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I've always wanted to make creamy polenta and serve it like I've seen it served in Italy, right on a board in the middle of the table, topped with a vegetable ragout. But I wouldn't want to make anything that reminded me of being in a crazy restaurant kitchen.

Katie @ The Small Boston Kitchen

Was happy to stumble upon your polenta recipe. The picture looks amazing. I actually had just had creamy polenta for the first time a couple weeks ago and wanted to re-create it in my own kitchen. I'll have to give your version a try, thanks!

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