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December 28, 2010


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That's elegant. Just beautiful. Thus far, I have not tried liver of any kind, except chopped, on rye bread, when I was a kid. I will though!

And the thing about the chicken feet made me laugh - I love knowing what I want in Asian restaurants and reassuring them that yes, yes, that is what I want.

T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types

This is brand new to me - I guess I'll have to visit a good sushi bar and get started. I think I had chicken feet in France once. I remember it tasting a little "gamey." Happy New Year, Julia!


Totally agree - I love ordering "foods not commonly enjoyed by ordinary white people" while in Chinatown. We had a plate of duck tongues recently much to the amazement of the waiter. So surprising was it that the family at the next table all turned around and stared at us to see if we were actually going to eat them. We did and they were delicious, just like your monkfish liver. Beautiful preparation - I love the peachy color of the liver!


i had great ankimo soup in nyc. tried making an ankimo tourchon once, it came out just ok. would love to try substituting ankimo for foie in recipes. i got a le creuset terrine for christmas. would love to attempt an all seafood terrine starring ankimo, whenever i find the time.


Sounds interesting and looks delicious too. Cant wait to try this. The color combo is gorgeous. Always japanese cuisine is delicious. Wanna try this right away. This is totally new to me.

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