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  • Future Chefs™ is a privately-funded, school to career program working with high school culinary arts students in the Greater Boston area.

    Future Chefs’ mission is to prepare motivated youth for high quality early employment and post secondary educational opportunities in the culinary field.

    Future Chefs™ uses a youth development model in which youth participate in planning, leading and evaluating their program. Students earn scholarships and apprenticeships for post-secondary training. Young participants develop a career plan and receive coaching through caring and supportive relationships with educators, staff and industry mentors. To donate to Future Chefs, click here.


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April 25, 2011


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sylvie in Rappahannock

I've never eaten fresh chickpeas. Are those grown in New England? If so I am amazed - had no idea! The recipe looks yummy especially with ramps, another seasonal treat.
I am growing fava beans - another "Old World" legume - this year for the first time. I do hope I have something to harvest!

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