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    Future Chefs’ mission is to prepare motivated youth for high quality early employment and post secondary educational opportunities in the culinary field.

    Future Chefs™ uses a youth development model in which youth participate in planning, leading and evaluating their program. Students earn scholarships and apprenticeships for post-secondary training. Young participants develop a career plan and receive coaching through caring and supportive relationships with educators, staff and industry mentors. To donate to Future Chefs, click here.


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February 20, 2012


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Great list Julia! Nice to see you posting. Have you given any more thought the the contest you were considering holding?

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Fantastic post! So many ideas that are easy for anyone to incorporate into their food life without making major change.

T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types

I think if someone adopted just a couple of ideas, they would see a major impact on their total food experience.


PG - I completely forgot about my $25 challenge! Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks Lydia and T.W. -- exactly the idea... try and make a few, sustainable changes... to make a big difference.

Sylvie in Rappahannock

What a great list of tips. The most important thing to remember is... to start. One step at a time. One does not have to do everything at once, which can be overwhelming. But adopt one of those tip every week (or every other week) and by the end of the year, you'll can check off the whole list of good practices (and it's good for your budget too!)

Daniel Warner

Hi, this is nice posting. Thanks for great tips and advice. I love the perspective of this post.

We Are Never Full

Fabulous list (sorry I'm late to the game w/ this one). This should be printed and given to everyone. If you don't live in a warm weather state (all year round) it can be frustrating to try and eat local all the time (w/o going bonkers). thanks for this...

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