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    Future Chefs’ mission is to prepare motivated youth for high quality early employment and post secondary educational opportunities in the culinary field.

    Future Chefs™ uses a youth development model in which youth participate in planning, leading and evaluating their program. Students earn scholarships and apprenticeships for post-secondary training. Young participants develop a career plan and receive coaching through caring and supportive relationships with educators, staff and industry mentors. To donate to Future Chefs, click here.


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May 04, 2010


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Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Does the skillet pizza get cooked on stove top (covered or uncovered?) or in the oven? This looks like a great way to make pizza; I've never tried it.

T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types

You've really got me craving flat breads and pizzas these days!

Health Insurance

Actually the pizza looks great I never heard this before.


This looks amazing! My husband doesn't eat artichokes and is more of a fan of MEAT pizza's. This would be one for just me!


I occasionally think about how certain dishes were discovered or even determined as edible.

How are you liking your new blog home?

No progress on my garden to mention as of yet...But your previous post is helping in the motivation department.


Lydia -- You can start it on the stove top, or just cook it all the way in the oven.

T.W. - apparently, I'm craving them too, as it's all I've been cooking lately

Health Insurance -- It definitely is different and delicious!

Julie -- That's great, you won't have to share ;)

PG -New home is lovely! I'm glad you stopped by for a visit.

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